About Me

Who am I?

Hello, I'm Oguzhan. I am working as a front end developer. I'm actively sharing what I find good about software, usually on Twitter. I use Medium for blogging. I live in Ankara, but I'm from Izmit. I studied computer engineering at university.

What do I like?

I love to gain a new experience. I'm not just saying this about software, for example, you can think of tasting a food that I have not eaten before, going to places I have not been before.

Riding a motorcycle is my passion. I feel freer than I've ever been while riding. Speeding excites me.

I like to research. If I learn something, why and how and how I'm inquiry. Knowing how it works, he grasping the logic I like me. Sometimes sometimes with something I know Even if the relevant video exits, maybe something I don't know is in case.

Why is this site?

Because I wanted to have a personal site, and this time I've always done with WordPress as well. Always with WordPress a things went wrong and had to delete what I wrote or I've deleted it because I haven't received an area of domain in me so far. But I love the area step anymore and medium to blog I will use it.

I want to learn English. So is this site in English designed as. The site's design and software belongs to me. I will write in Medium to write the writings as English I'm going to study that I can develop myself on that.

I will regularly add the projects I have done and the links that I find useful to this site. I hope you find something that will work for you.

Where do I work?

I work as a frontend developer at a software company called Nextlua in Istanbul. We work completely remotely. I love my job and my boss. Life is beautiful when you do what you love.